About us

T-Train our pet parents 
A-Assist those in need
S-Serve our community
K-K9 for our canine companions

We handle everything from basic obedience, jumping, mouthing, puppy behavior, potty issues and barking to Advanced CGC (Canine Good Citizen Prep) Courses.
Owner trained Service dogs welcome! Must have a qualifying disability under ADA. Dog can be taught tasks such as retrieval of dropped items, medication reminders, PTSD tasks, blocking, DPT, grounding, interruption, light mobility  work, retrieving and more.

TASK is licensed and fully insured and certified through an accredited training program.  




Lauren- has 10 years experience training and working with dogs. Lauren the founder of TASK is accompanied by her trusted service dogs Aurora and Vader when training. Not only are they demo dogs, but they are the back bone of TASK. Without them, TASK would not exist. Lauren struggles with medical conditions herself, and created TASK as a way to help others overcome physical and mental disabilities by way of example, and by acting as a leader. She uses holistic training methods for her own dogs as well as holistic methods for her students. No two dogs are exactly alike. She teaches her human students that "anything is possible if you put your mind to it, especially if four paws are also by your side." Aurora and Vader you will also see during sessions helping out with students. Aurora is a German Shepherd and Vader is a Belgian Malinois X. 

Tyler- has 3 years experience as a dog mom and has been working hard as a trainer towards her CCPDT-KA exam interning and training with TASK for the last two years. Her dogs are Luna and Major. Luna is a spunky Siberian Husky who you will see as her demo dog during lessons and Major is a German Shepherd, also a demo dog that she uses frequently in lessons. Major helps especially with dogs who are a little reactive as he has a way with just getting along with everyone. Tyler has a natural ability with all animals especially dogs and it shines through in her training.

Rebekkah- is a junior trainer here at TASK. She has tons of experience with animals big and small. She is accompanied by her trusted service dog Kovu a German Shepherd. She also is a fur mom to Ziva, a Border Collie Mix and Ice a Pitt bull. She is working hard towards logging hours towards her CCPDT-KA as well with us. She has a way with dogs that you'll just have to see for yourself.


 TASK specializes in assisting and serving those who need Owner Trained Service dogs, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Obedience Training. TASK believes in helping our community and providing advice and free information as well.  

A percentage of our profits are donated towards rescues, charity organizations, and fundraiser projects.