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Blue God Bed

Admission: $70 per night

Does your dog want to party overnight with us? 

Overnight slumber suites are available for dogs of all sizes and breeds. All are welcome! Your dog will be required to undergo a scheduled EVALUATION period ahead of time with us. This is to make sure not only are we a good fit for them, but your dog is a good fit for us too! We NEVER want a pup stressing when they're with us. During the evaluation you will bring your dog to our facility, leave for about an hour, and come back to see how they did. If for some reason they become party poopers we will contact you to come to pick them up. If they are capable of hanging with us, they will be accepted into our SLUMBER PARTY!

All slumber party members are housed indoors with access to a potty area on potty breaks. We do not encourage soiling in kennels. UNLIMITED potty breaks and PLAY TIME for all members are included. All Slumber Party members receive a 6X4 suite with a raised bed, access to their food and water 24/7, blankets and or bedding (dogs who chew will not be permitted to have bedding), 1 chew toy (they can bring their favorite from-home), and a SPECIAL STUFFED FROZEN KONG TREAT at night! (Dogs with food allergies will not receive this item.) All of these amenities are INCLUDED in your ALL-INCLUSIVE slumber rate. As always love, cuddles, and belly rubs are ALWAYS included at no extra charge! 

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