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Beginner Obedience Training

One of the many issues every owner has in common with their dog is miscommunication. Dogs do NOT speak our language. Let us teach you how to communicate better with your dog.This course is based on Respect, Obedience, and Earned Affection.


None of this can be achieved until there is a strong bond between you and your dog though. Let us help you achieve the bond with your dog that you're looking for in our Beginner Obedience Course. This course is for puppies and dogs that need overall obedience and help with listening skills.Almost every dog can benefit from this course.This is a foundation course.

(Dog MUST be UPTD on shots and have a negative fecal test within 6  months to enroll)

Intermediate/Advanced Obedience
These courses require graduation from our Beginner Obedience course. After your dog has completed our foundation course, now they are ready to be exposed to high distractions and be "proofed" in different environments. This is where our Intermediate course comes into play. Dogs do NOT generalize well. Just because your dog listens in your home it does not mean they are going to listen everywhere you take them. Once your dog has been "proofed" in our Intermediate course, they can roll into our Advanced Off Leash course. Who doesn't want to unlock their dogs full potential? Imagine having total control of your dog and allowing them the freedom to run and play at the same time. This is possible in our Advanced Off Leash Course. 
(Dog MUST be UPTD on shots and have a negative fecal test within 6 months to enroll)

Reactive Rover Course

This course is perfect for dogs who may get a little too over excited when meeting other dogs, or maybe even for those dogs who are overly excited on walks. We teach canine body language and the proper way to meet and greet other dogs out in public. We also address minor behavioral problems as well, and introduce basic leash manners.This course is perfect for teaching impulse control in a controlled setting with other students. This course is NOT for dogs with aggressive tendencies. (Dogs with severe behavioral issues will not be accepted)

(Dog MUST be UPTD on shots and have a negative fecal test within 6 months to enroll)


Board and Train

This course is perfect for dogs who may need specialized training or for the busy owner. Let us train your dog for you! We offer a 2 week and 4 week Board and Train program.Contact us for more information. We can customize a course for your dog to meet your specific training goals!

We also offer Boarding at a rate of $70 per day. This includes unlimited potty breaks, walks, play time,and your dog is only kennled during rotations and at night. 

(Dog MUST be UPTD on shots and have a negative fecal test within 6 months to enroll)


Year Long Membership Program

This course is perfect for dogs and growing puppies who want to start training and continue throughout the year to solidify skills needed for continued success in their lifelong training goals. Our intensive year long program is designed to give you the maximum amount of training, from Beginner to Advanced Off Leash with extra curricular activities included, and a Board and Train as well! Inquire within for more info!

(Dog MUST be UPTD on shots and have a negative fecal test within 6 months to enroll)

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Canine Good Citizens Prep/Test
CGC Prep Course 1-Hour $25.00
CGC Test PASS/FAIL-$35.00
Public Access Evaluation Sign Off-$40.00

Certified, Licensed, Bonded, and Insured!