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Lauren, the owner with two mascot dogs

T- Train our pet parents

A- Assist those in need

S- Serve our community

K- K9 for our canine companions

TASK covers everything when it comes to your dog's needs! Our programs are CUSTOM to you and your dog. Every dog is different in their own way.

Here at TASK we truly believe in a custom training system that works for every dog, as they are not cookie-cutter. Dogs have different personalities and not every dog will learn the same way. Many other training professionals gear their training towards single-session packages. Who wants to keep buying packages with no end in sight?

We know we don't...and you shouldn't have to either!

Reach your training goals FASTER with our programs, no more buying lesson after lesson! Get the results you want in a timely fashion. Complete one of our programs and have your prayers answered. Get the dog you've always dreamed of. A well-behaved and mannered mutt means less stress for you too!

Get a program that WORKS for you and your dog!

We offer long-term programs to make sure you're covered from puppyhood all the way into adulthood! 

Pick a program that specifically addresses the issues you're having with your pup! Don't fall for cookie-cutter training!



TASK was created by our owner and founder Lauren. Lauren has been working with, and training dogs since childhood. She has over 10 years of professional experience training dogs.


Lauren owns a Belgian Malinois named Vader. She also owns a German Shepherd named Aurora. You might recognize both of them as they're our mascots! Both dogs are highly trained and help out during lessons. Maybe you'll be lucky enough to meet them soon!


Lauren started her company with the help of her trusted and loyal companion Aurora her German Shepherd. Lauren suffers from medical issues that were life-altering at the time. Aurora her service dog helped her overcome those struggles which lead to the creation of TASK! See, the thing is without Aurora, TASK wouldn't exist!

TASK was created by Lauren as a way to help others overcome their own physical and mental disabilities by way of example, and by acting as a leader. This is where our motto comes in:

"Giving Back One Tail At A Time!"

TASK gives back to its community in many different ways! TASK donates a portion of its proceeds to local rescues and charities. TASK collects donations and brings them to shelters and rescues in need. We also offer many discounts for others in the community who help others as a way of showing our appreciation!

Check our discounts to see if you qualify!

Available Discounts

Rescue Dogs/ First Responders/ Military/ Veterans/ Police/ Fire/ EMS/ Teachers/ Medical Field Workers/ State/ Federal Employees

Meet our Team!

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