Owner Trained Service Dog Course

This course will consist of obedience training, CGC Prep course and CGC test, PAT prep course and test, Task training, and Public access outings. Client understands that this is an owner trained service dog course and in no way does T.A.S.K. Dog training certify, or state that the dog is officially a service dog. Client also agrees they legally have a disabling condition and medically are in need of a service dog and in no way hold T.A.S.K. Dog training responsible legally for the misrepresentation or fraudulent use of a service dog. T.A.S.K. Dog Training does not certify service dogs, however we will require a medical doctor's note as proof for entering the training course; your information will be held strictly confidential. This is strictly a training course to help the client log training hours as proof of owner training. T.A.S.K. Uses IAADP Minimum Training Standards, and requirements when working with clients dogs. Call us today to find out more about this course.


Military, Veterans, Police, Fire, EMS, Teachers, Medical Field, and State/Federal Employees



Serving New Jersey

(Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County) 


Will travel to other counties for additional mileage/toll charge.

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