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Our Top Picks for NEW Pet Parents

You've just decided to bring a new puppy or even a rescued older dog into your home, this is great news! Let's make sure you start off on the right paw with these must have supplies for welcoming home your new family member! Here's our top picks for all your clean up, toy, training gear, treat needs and more when trying to decide what to buy for your new best friend!

Top Pick Bowl Licking Good Meals




-Wild Calling



-Honest Kitchen

Treats and More

-Zukes Mini Training Treats

-Merrick Power Bites

-Fruitables Skinny Minis

-Marrow Bones filled with Peanut Butter (Make sure all natural peanut butter and does NOT contain xylitol)

-Deer/Elk Antlers

-Kong Classic Dog Toy

-Buster Food Cube

-Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom Dog Toy

Training Gear

-Flat Buckle collar with ID

-Easy Walk Harness

-4-6Ft. Nylon Leash (Do NOT use Flexi Lead Leashes)

-Halti Training Head Collar (Has padding on nose area compared to other brands)

-Freedom Harness (Use Coupon Code: TASKTRAINING when ordering directly from their site to receive 10% OFF)

Potty Training and Chewing

-Honey and Sunny Urine and Stain Remover (Amazon only)

-Potty Bells to teach your dog to communicate to you they need to go

-Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray for chewing


-Bed (If you really want to spoil them, check out Big Barker Beds!)

-Crate (Should be big enough for the dog to walk into, turn around comfortably, and lay down. They should not be able to lay in one end and go potty in the other.)

-Doggie Shampoo (Two of our favorites are Jax and Daisy, and Tropiclean)

-Dog Bowls (Get a slow feeder if your dog eats too fast, one of our favorites is Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Feed Bloat Stop)

-Brush or Comb

-Poop Bags

-Baby Gate if you have a puppy especially (Walmart sells them for a decent price.)

We hope this list helped you make the transition as smooth as possible and stress free, so you can focus more on enjoying your new pup and making new memories together!

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